Deron Williams Traded to New Jersey

The Nets didn’t get Carmelo Anthony. However, they have immediately replaced him with another All-Star, as news has just broke that the Nets have traded for Deron Williams. If you saw this coming, then you should probably fit in some time to play the lottery today.

Devin Harris and Derrick Favors will be heading to Utah in exchange for Williams, which officially gives the Jazz a new start as they’ve now lost Jerry Sloan as their coach and Williams as their franchise player.

Going back to the Nets… Just wow. Mikhail Prokhorov decides that if he isn’t gonna get Carmelo, he’s going to the next best (or better?) thing. People were doubting this guy’s approach after the Melo to the Knicks deal was finalized, but now? He looks like a genius.

The Knicks gave up half their team to get Melo, and now the Nets have turned right around and only gave up two players to get a franchise point guard. And not only that, but they literally did it one day after everyone had thought that the Nets had completely failed in trying to lure a premier player to their organization.

Now, their current roster is nothing to write home about. Brook Lopez, Anthony Morrow, and Travis Outlaw aren’t world-beaters But they now have cap room to make some things happen. And if this is any indiciation, Prokhorov is going to make something happen. Also, having Williams facilitating on offense is going to make the current players better and even though they’ve got a long ways to go in terms of competing in the upper-echelon of the East, they will improve because of Williams’ abilities.

With the Nets and Knicks now in prime position to become relevant once again, the balance of power is starting to shift. It’s not gonna happen immediately, but it looks like the days of the Western Conference being the superior conference might be coming to an end.

The NBA trade deadline, folks. Where “I Have No Idea What Just Happened” Happens.

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Matt Moore

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