Yes, the Cavs Did Win Last Night

For those of you who enjoyed a night out on the town last night, perhaps you woke up this morning still not at 100%. And perhaps you turned on the TV, and almost fell down when you saw this score scroll across the bottom of your screen: Cavaliers 126, Clippers 119 F/OT.

Maybe you tried to make yourself believe that “F/OT” meant something other than “Final/Overtime.” That’s understandable. After all, the Cavs had lost 26 straight heading into the game.

But now that streak has been put to rest. And we no longer have to worry about a Streak vs. Streak showdown when the Cavs host the Wizards tomorrow afternoon at Quicken Loans Arena. Instead, it’ll just be Streak vs. Please, Don’t Let This Be The Start Of A New Streak. Or something like that.

But back to the Clippers. Here’s an excerpt from my post a few days ago:

Let’s not forget an important fact concerning the Clippers though. They are the Clippers. There’s no way that Clipper fans can feel good about this game. Considering all the bad things that have happened with this franchise in the past, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Clippers shoot 12% from the field and lose by 38. It just shouldn’t. But the likelihood of that happening isn’t very good, and Griffin will fuel this team to victory.

So while I was pretty sure the Clippers would win, this game still had that eerie feel to it.

It was the chance for the Cavs to break the streak. But it was more intriguing in terms of who the streak was going to be broke against. And honestly, something just felt right about it being the Clippers, given the past history of this franchise.

Sure, Blake Griffin has came in and completely changed the culture of this organization. They’ve also added some great young players in Eric Gordon, Eric Bledsoe, and DeAndre Jordan. However, last night’s result will make us continue to wonder: Are the Clippers really cursed?

And, well, this result certainly doesn’t help stop those kinds of questions.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, it’s only one game…..for the Clippers. Like Vinny Del Negro said in the post-game, it’s not like the Clippers had been setting the world on fire on the road (4-19 now) entering this game. But unfortunately, it’s another memorable mark on the the history of this team…..and once again, for all the wrong reasons.

But on the other side, it’s not just one game for the Cavs. It feels like much more than that. No, they aren’t going to make the playoffs now or anything like that. But I’m not sure there is a way to measure the amount of relief that the people on that team and in that organization are feeling this morning.

So congrats to the Cavs for finally ending the streak. Now Cavs’ fans can feel a little bit better when they check out

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