A Look at the Cavs’ Losing Streak and How It Could Play Out

In case you haven’t heard (or haven’t visited didthecavswinlastnight.com), the misery continues for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Make it 26 straight now for the Cavs, as they got off to a slow start, and couldn’t make up enough ground before losing 103-94 to the Detroit Pistons.

Cleveland’s record now: 8-45.

I’ll be the first to admit. I guaranteed victory for the Cavs over the Pistons. Guaranteed! I simply had no doubt in my mind that they would win.

But of course, when the Cavs got down 52-36 at the half, reality set in. Did I really just guarantee victory for a team that had lost 25 straight games?

Nonetheless, the streak continues. So instead of looking back, let’s turn our focus to the future.

The Cavs host Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers tomorrow night at Quicken Loans Arena, and on the surface, this one seems like a given. The Clippers played very well at MSG last night in a victory over the New York Knicks, and are probably the most improved team in the league this season.

Let’s not forget an important fact concerning the Clippers though. They are the Clippers. There’s no way that Clipper fans can feel good about this game. Considering all the bad things that have happened with this franchise in the past, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Clippers shoot 12% from the field and lose by 38. It just shouldn’t. But the likelihood of that happening isn’t very good, and Griffin will fuel this team to victory.

Which brings us to the showdown with the Washington Wizards. The Streak vs. the Streak. 27-game losing streak vs. 25-game road losing streak. Now, the Cavs could win tomorrow night and end their streak, but the Wizards can’t end their streak since they host San Antonio on Saturday.

Of course, this game is garnering attention from just about everyone. Some fans and media members want this game to be nationally televised and…..oh, wait. They aren’t the only ones that want it televised? LeBron James wants it too?! Of course he does.

If the Clippers beat the Cavs, and this is the setup on Sunday, Cleveland’s streak has to end, right? It just has to.

Think about this though. Let’s say the Cavs end the streak against the Clippers. Everyone within that organization is relieved and all is well again…..then they turn right around on Sunday and become the first team that the Wizards beat on the road this season. You know what, let’s not even go there for now.

For those of you wondering what their chances would be the streak continues past the Washington game, well, the schedule isn’t all that easy. Starting with last night’s game again Detroit, they have this stretch of 10 of 11 at home, so that is in their favor.

But these teams aren’t exactly slouches: Lakers, Rockets, Knicks, Sixers, Spurs, Hornets, Warriors.

Oh, but then there’s this scenario if the streak were to extend to 30. The last win for the Cavs was against who? That’s right, the New York Knicks. Before that game with the Knicks, they had a 10-game losing streak. So what if the Cavs simply own the Knicks? Spike Lee wouldn’t be very happy if this potential scenario unfolds.

That’s likely not gonna happen though. Because the Cavs will win one of these next two games. They just will.

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