Now Looking for NBA Writers

Hoops fans, do you want to write about the game that you love? Well this could be a great chance for you to showcase your skills, as Saving the Skyhook is now looking for contributing writers. The goal is to… Continue Reading

Recapping a Bad Night for the Cleveland Cavaliers

One of the reasons that I subscribe to NBA League Pass is to be able to watch any game that I want to. And usually, if there’s a game that’s going down to the wire, I’ll just flip right over… Continue Reading

Say hello to the bad guy and other movie villain clichés

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” That was the famous quote from “The Dark Knight” when the film made its one last philosophical push to wrap things up. It’s the idea… Continue Reading

Carmelo Anthony Trade Update

In case you haven’t heard, Carmelo Anthony is being talked about in some trade discussions. So I thought we’d take a look at where things supposedly stand right now…..although I’m fairly certain that by the time I’m finished writing this,… Continue Reading

NBA Power Rankings: 1/10/11

Basketball fans, it’s time for another edition of power rankings here on STS, and after a great week of action in the NBA (which concluded with a possible game of the year candidate in Portland last night), it’s time to… Continue Reading