48 Hour Twitter Chatter – Purple, Gold, and Green Edition

When I was only running  Ball Above All, a maverick muddling around in the blogosphere all by my lonesome, I entertained millions (ok, hundreds. Maybe dozens. Alright, my mom and myself) with the world’s best Twitter compilation, grabbing the dopest posts and articles folks laid out for the world to see in one spot. Enjoy, all, let’s take a look at the weekend that was, awesome-style. To follow the esteemed bloggers and writers I’m giving props to on Twitter, just click on their names. Stick around, click around, learn yourself something. Without further ado, let’s get it…

The big story of the weekend was the much bally-hoo’d LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics match-up. The Sunday Matinee game had the stake raised by both of the squads messing around and losing on Friday.  The game didn’t disappoint- we saw Kobe’ Bryant glaring at Shaq, some Kevin Garnett bloodshed, a Truth/Mamba shoot-out, and Rajon Rondo bein’ Rondo, cumulating in a 109-96 Celt win at Staples.

*CBSSports NBA Facts and Rumors’ Ben Golliver brought out the heavy machinery, posting a slew of reactions from both Shamrock and Showtime camps.

*Paul Flannery drops jewels for WEEI.com on why Gang Green is head and shoulders above the NBA landscape. It’s like he plucked this article out of my head, but made it better than anything I write. My theory holds – Boston Corollary is in effect.

*Overshadowed by Kobe’ Bryant’s 41 point eruption and the subsequent “Kobe’ great v Kobe’s fault” bruhaha is the discussion of which factor is more troubling- The curious malaise of Pau Gasol  by the OC Register’s Kevin Ding or the disappearing act of Ron Artest, (by the Kamenetzky Bros of ESPN’s Land O’Lakers blog)?

*And to just really pummel this horse carcass of the topic of “Kobe Klutch” (I admit, I’m fascinated by both the topic and the unbelievable level of discourse it brings; If the same folks were as passionate about politics as they are about Kobe, Al Gore would have been our president), The Two Man game’s Rob Mahoney dissects Kobe’ Bryant’s dubious late game decision making for the New York Times’ Off The Dribble blog. Amazing how the “disciples of Mamba” would refuse to see the earth as round if it meant that Kobe’ was mortal.

*One of my favorite reads, Cardboard Gerald of Stacheketball and thenolookpass.com, fills us in on the subplot of the weekend’s other marquee game, the Miami Heat’s 108 – 105 squeaker over OKC Thunder. Kevin Durant: quiet sportsman, subline scorer… Fake thug exposer?

*How raw is Kevin Garnett? We heard about him dissing rookies, allegedly making fun of Detroit Piston’s Charlie Villanueva, and playing “cupcheck” with Phoenix Sun Channing Fry. I think this tweet from Yahoo’s Marc Spears takes the cake:

When asked by a Lakers ballboy to sign a ball, KG said: “You got a better chance of catching Bin Laden.””

Ice cold. People can say what they want about KG, but I love the dude, barking at PGs and all.

*Keeping it moving…Stephen A. Smith is a personal favorite, and he held it down on ESPN for a while, pissing people off and standing for what he believed in- LOUDLY- on his own show, Quite Frankly. Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio is reporting that Stephen A is going to rock on ESPN airwaves again soon.

*BasketballFiend’s Patrick Crawley shows us a modern day truthism: Even in failure, Blake Griffin wins. I might have stopped watching basketball if he’d got this one down versus the Bobcats, all else would be meaningless.

Staples Center if Blake didn't miss vs Bobcats.

*Finally, the TrueHoop blogging OG Henry Abbott shared the video that I’d want to show an alien about why the NBA blows pro football, baseball, soccer, and every other professional game out of the water. Behold, the highlights of 2010.

Who did I miss? Any suggestions? Leave a comment or find me on Twitter, @SnottieDrippen.

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