Carmelo Anthony Trade Update

In case you haven’t heard, Carmelo Anthony is being talked about in some trade discussions. So I thought we’d take a look at where things supposedly stand right now…..although I’m fairly certain that by the time I’m finished writing this, eight more teams will be involved, and Carmelo will somehow end up with the New Mexico Thunderbirds.

For starters, what exactly are we waiting on? Well, it sounds like the fun contract of Al Harrington (four years, $28 million) is what is the main problem right now.

From‘s Marc Stein and Chris Broussard:

The Nets and Detroit Pistons, according to sources close to the situation, both believed for much of the weekend that they were on the verge of completing a three-team deal with Denver featuring at least 13 players and headlined by Anthony.

Sources told on Monday, though, that Denver now wants to change the structure of the deal, insisting on the inclusion of Nuggets forward Al Harrington in the trade to get salary relief.

Clearly the Nuggets would like to send Harrington to wherever so that they can use that cap room to improve their roster in the post-Carmelo era. Honestly, I can’t say that I blame Denver for this, as since they are getting rid of their franchise player, they are going to need more than just a piece or two to be at the same level that they were with Carmelo.

Ah, but Harrington’s contract isn’t the only thing that could stop Carmelo from ending up in Brooklyn. Here’s another little nugget (no pun intended…..ok, well maybe) from that same story:

The Nuggets are also angry, sources said, with the fact that so many details from the trade talks have gone public. Yahoo! Sports reported that according to sources, the Nuggets told the Nets that they would trade Anthony to the Knicks if the leaks continued. But sources told that the reported threat never happened.

If this was said, then well, I just find that to be kind of comical. Of course, this would never happen, as the Nuggets can’t just continue to drag this thing out, as that does nothing but hurt them. We’ve already seen the fans boo Carmelo in Denver’s loss to the Hornets on Sunday, and you don’t want that to continue as it is nothing but a distraction.

I could see them holding out to try and get rid of Harrington, but there’s no way I could see them holding out just because trade details were being leaked.

Now to recap, here’s what we know for sure: Carmelo is rumored to be traded to the Nets, and well, that’s about it. Nothing else sounds too concrete right now. There seems to be no signs of this thing being a done deal, although this sounds like the most credible one that we’ve heard in this whole saga.

Carmelo will be traded. But as for who and when, well, that remains to be seen.

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