NBA Game Rankings: 12/28/10

Things just keep getting worse for the Sacramento Kings, as last night they had a chance to knock off the Clippers and win for the first time in a long time. But, that didn’t happen, as the Clippers came out with a 100-99 victory. Tyreke Evans had a chance to hit a game-tying free throw…..and then had another chance at the buzzer with a quick shot inside the point. Neither shot went in, and the struggles continue for the Kings. On the other hand, the Clippers are starting to play some very good basketball, and this is a team that is certainly on the upswing right now.

Here’s a look at tonight’s schedule:

#7: Orlando Magic (19-12) at Cleveland Cavaliers (8-22) – 7:00 PM ET, Regional

#6: Toronto Raptors (10-20) at Dallas Mavericks (24-5) – 8:30 PM ET, Regional

#5: Boston Celtics (23-5) at Indiana Pacers (13-15) – 7:00 PM ET, Regional

#4: Portland Trail Blazers (16-15) at Denver Nuggets (16-13) – 9:00 PM ET, Regional

#3: Milwaukee Bucks (12-17) at Chicago Bulls (19-10) – 8:00 PM ET, Regional

#2: New York Knicks (18-12) at Miami Heat (23-9) – 7:30 PM ET, Regional

#1: Los Angeles Lakers (21-9) at San Antonio Spurs (26-4) – 8:30 PM ET, NBA TV

Can the Lakers regain their championship form and beat the Spurs in San Antonio tonight?

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