NBA Game Rankings: 12/20/10

The Boston Celtics picked up their 13th straight victory yesterday, yet it still seems like this team isn’t getting the attention it deserves. While the Heat have gotten on a streak of their own, and the Magic have made some big trades, we still have to remember that the Celtics are the ones with the rings. This team looks better than ever right now, and it’s hard to find any weaknesses that could cause them to struggle. Plain and simple, while the Heat and Magic have gotten better, the Celtics are still the team to beat.

Here’s a look at tonight’s games:

#9: Charlotte Bobcats (9-17) at Washington Wizards (6-19) – 7:00 PM ET, Regional

#8: Minnesota Timberwolves (6-22) at Los Angeles Clippers (7-21) – 10:30 PM ET, Regional

#7: Utah Jazz (19-9) at Cleveland Cavaliers (8-19) – 7:00 PM ET, Regional

#6: Milwaukee Bucks (10-15) at Portland Trail Blazers (14-14) – 10:00 PM ET, Regional

#5: Houston Rockets (12-15) at Golden State Warriors (9-17) – 10:30 PM ET, Regional

#4: New Orleans Hornets (16-11) at Indiana Pacers (12-14) – 7:00 PM ET, Regional

#3: Phoenix Suns (13-13) at San Antonio Spurs (23-3) – 8:30 PM ET, Regional

#2: Orlando Magic (16-10) at Atlanta Hawks (17-12) – 7:00 PM ET, Regional

#1: Dallas Mavericks (21-5) at Miami Heat (21-8) – 7:30 PM ET, NBA TV

Who ya got tonight? Mavs or Heat?

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