NBA Game Rankings: 11/26/10

Neither of the games on Thanksgiving were all that impressive, although it is important to note that the Los Angeles Clippers are on a two-game winning streak. I’m not sure if that means the Lakers should start shaking in their… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 11/25/10

After a few quarters of last night’s games, there were some scores that really caught me off-guard. Minnesota was up big on San Antonio and the Suns were drilling the Bulls. However, we should have known what would eventually happen,… Continue Reading

Will the Kings Trade for a Point Guard?

Before the season started, I honestly believed that the Sacramento Kings could make a push to get the final playoff spot in the West. Perhaps it was optimism for the new frontcourt that they created in the off-season by drafting… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 11/24/10

The Lakers won the showdown in Los Angeles last night against the Bulls, and just don’t look like they can be beat right now. The other games went as expected, with no real shockers one way or the other. However,… Continue Reading

Around the web with Hardwood Paroxysm Writers issue #1

Rockets Daily: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 – 11/23/2010 Analysis and the daily links come after the jump. In basketball, some skills must be swept under rugs and appreciated only in seedy backrooms. Flopping canno more… Looming Lockout? –… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 11/23/10

Well, those pesky Clippers did it. They knocked off the Hornets last night in what was the most lopsided game of the season record-wise thus far. At times it seemed like the Clippers were trying to give the game away,… Continue Reading