Have Ball, Will Travel: Dwyane Wade (II)

In this installment, we’ll take a look at a nice move from the fourth quarter of last night’s game between the Miami Heat and the Washington Wizards, in which Dwyane Wade split the defenders with an inside-out dribble before breaking toward the rim.

For those who have been following this series, the travel here should be obvious…yet it isn’t called. The NBA’s video rulebook is quite clear on this move: “an offensive player with the ball may not hop consecutively on the same foot upon ending his dribble.” Andray Blatche has pulled the same maneuver before and was whistled for a violation, whereas Blake Griffin (by virtue of a quicker move, just as Wade does here) does not. It’s not an issue of the number of steps, but of the nature of those steps. Wade couldn’t be more obvious or deliberate about his hop toward the basket, but the officiating crew dropped the ball on this one. No violation was called, and Wade skirts free with a nice bucket.

Hat tip to Henry Abbott for recommending this play.

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