Boston Celtics To Be Featured on ESPN’s “The Association”

For those of you who still watch ESPN, there’s actually some good content on the network as of late. Whether it be the interesting stories on “E:60″ or the awesome “30 for 30″ documentaries, they’ve stepped their game up in terms of bringing inside information from some of the most intriguing sports stories around the world.

One show that is a must-watch for NBA fans is “The Association,” a show that follows around a specific NBA team and makes for a great watch. Last year, the Lakers were the feature team, and it was really a lot of fun to see some of the ins and outs of the Laker organization. There’s just a ton of things you get to see in terms of how the team prepares and how certain players prepare that you don’t get to see on an every day basis.

This season, the show will feature the Boston Celtics, who seemed like the best choice to follow the defending champions. Here’s a few details from ESPN:

“The series, which starts Dec. 3 before the Celtics face the Chicago Bulls on ESPN, will chronicle the team’s season-long journey while also providing some insight into the history of the storied franchise.

The other episodes will air Jan. 21, Feb. 25, March 16 and April 15.”

Even though it’s only a five-part series, it should still be quite intriguing to watch. Just think about all the entertaining players on that team, and you’ll know that there are a ton of possibilities with this. Hopefully ESPN hits a home run with this one just like they did with the Laker one last season.

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