Update on Toddler Who Passed Away After Fall at Staples Center

A really sad story came out earlier in the day about a toddler who fell 50 feet at Staples Center last night following the Lakers-Warriors game, and later passed away at USC Medical Center. The toddler has been identified as two-year-old Lucas Anthony Tang, who managed to crawl over the glass partition from a luxury box which led to his fall. The family was looking at some pictures that they had just took of the young boy, and he somehow went over the glass during this time.

Here’s the full story from the LA Times. The LAPD is continuing to investigate this unfortunate situation.

Words really can’t express how sad this story is, as things like this just don’t make a whole lot of sense. You just never expect something like this to happen at a sporting event, and when it does, it’s make you step back a little bit and realize that the sport is just a side bit in the grand scheme of life.

My sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to the Tang family during these difficult times.

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