Erik Spoelstra’s Seat Just Got Warm

Erik SPOELSTRA - 09.10.2008 - Miami Heat / New Jersey Nets - NBA Europe Live Tour - Paris....Photo : Olivier Andrivon Photo via Newscom


Think back to July 8th. LeBron James sat around with Jim Gray and made his decision. The man was taking his talents to South Beach. Woo-hoo! And then came the claims from some NBA analysts about how this could potentially be the greatest team ever, and a team that would challenge the ’95-96 Chicago Bulls’ record win total of 72.

Now come back to the present day. The Miami Heat, who field James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh just lost to the Indiana Pacers who field…..well, no one with that kind of star power. Oh, and it wasn’t even close.

Yes that’s right NBA fans, the Pacers just went into Miami and laid the smackdown on the Heat by a score of 93-77, and panic has officially set in for fans of this super squad. Or maybe panic has just officially set in for Erik Spoelstra. Either way, things are not so swell in Miami right now.

They just lost a game to the Pacers at home, which is terrible in and of itself, but there’s more problems with this team. They’ve had to turn to Erick Dampier as their quick fix at center now that captain Udonis Haslem is out for a while with a foot injury. They’ve struggled to score at times, which evident tonight when they put up a whopping 13 points in the fourth quarter.

Yes, the star team has struggled to score.

We’re still early in the season, but things like this can’t be dismissed so easily. I’ve heard over and over that this team needs experience on the court. I get that. But there are times where this team looks just plain bad. And one of those times was tonight against Indiana.

It’s sort of become a running joke that Pat Riley will wind up being the coach of this team at some point in the season. You have to wonder though if that joke will turn into reality if the Heat continue to have games like this one.

We’ll wait and see how the Heat bounce back against the Magic on Wednesday. But if they play the way they did tonight, it won’t be pretty.

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