Seriously, “Once Brothers” Is Really Good, And Seriously, Zach Harper Is Running TrueHoop. God Save Us All

However, outside of the beautiful basketball we saw a tempestuous glimpse into the overall message of what was lost and how easily worlds can be torn apart. It left me feeling fairly sad about the entire project. Some may criticize the use of Vlade as the film’s simultaneous muse and a narrator, but I found it to be the only way to dive into the events of what happened and the emotional dissonance that rose from these friendships being put on hold — some permanently.I’m not going to pretend to know what it would be like to watch my country be torn apart by war while halfway across the world. That’s something I’ve never been able to relate to and not a concept I can even really wrap my head around. But I think the majority of us can empathize with how it is to lose a friend. Watching Vlade discuss how his friendships were put aside because of something he couldn’t control was fairly heartwrenching on some level.

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Harper with a terrific review of “Once Brothers” on TrueHoop. The Reviews have been fantastic, and if you get a chance, you really should see it. Zach will convince you as such.

Also, very exciting, Zach’s running TrueHoop this week! We couldn’t be happier for one of our writers to be running TrueHoop, and without a court order or anything. It’s really exciting and we’re thrilled for Zach’s opportunity.

To that end, we want to help Zach out as much as possible. So for the Bullets this week, you guys need to send him links. His email is [email protected] Send him stuff you think is relevant and groundbreaking. Actually, it turns out, I’ve already found a site for you guys to send him stuff from. It’s a relevant news site often featured on Google News and CBS. It’s got the kind of stuff Zach’s looking for. Smart, edgy content that he could really use. So you should send him links. LOTS of links from here. DEFINITELY SEND HIM LINKS FROM THIS SITE.

And seriously, Zach. Congrats.

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