NBA HD: Market Update II

Richard Jefferson signed a few days ago which mean’s it’s time for another market update on the free agency price.  To recap, I’m comparing every newly-signed player’s salary to their WARP2 from last season. It’s a quick and handy measure of how much teams are willing to pay for talent this summer.  Last year, the going rate for free agents was $1.49M for each win.  This year? It’s risen to $2.2M.

Here’s the full run down:

To reiterate from last week, the last row on this table subtracts players who likely signed for lower than the free market rate (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Dirk Nowitzki).  This takes a more accurate view of what teams pay free of cap spending restrictions.

$2.2 million per win is an increase since the last count because the newest additions have been sold at the rate of $3.3 million.  WARP2 didn’t think much of last year’s production of Ronnie Brewer, Joel Anthony, Richard Jefferson, and Marquis Daniels but teams were willing to pay more than the minimum and in some cases, much more than the minimum for these near replacement-level efforts.

Newly minted Matt Barnes looks like one of the best deals of the summer and should help bolster the Lakers’ chances of bringing home another championship.  It’s hard to imagine Ridnour posting another 5.3-win season but this objective method makes David Kahn look like a genius.

Next week, look for a team by team and position by position break down.  We’ll see if the summer’s $700,000 premium sticks.

Much thanks to Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus.

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