NBA Playoffs Video: Dwelling on Celtics-Cavs Game 6

LeBron James and the Cavs’ early elimination from the playoffs has inspired an endless amount of criticism, blame, confusion, and speculation, but somehow lost in it at all was giving Game 6 its proper due. The allure of looking forward rather than looking around had everyone pondering over James’ free agent future rather than giving the Celtics the credit they deserve for taking down the #1 seed in completely dominating fashion. Game 3 aside, Boston looked like a team capable of making a serious run at the title, and their initial contest of the Eastern Conference Finals doesn’t do much to discourage that theory.

So, in video form, I offer tribute to the Celtics’ fine Game 6 win over the Cavaliers. It wasn’t the spectacle that Game 5 was, and it’s not the media bonanza that LeBron’s summer will be, but it was still an interesting game on a number of levels and too valuable to gloss over.

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