Where The Energy Wasn’t: Still Chomping At The Bit In Cleveland

Okay, so everybody is talking about LeBron James … so much to the point where the mounting dead horses are going to be hell to deal with come game six. But LeBron probably wouldn’t have it any other way, him being talked about, good or bad, that is.

Over on TrueHoop, Kevin Arnovitz has a great video breakdown of James’ poor game five and instances of him watching the action, among other very un-King-like activities. Arnovitz also highlights a fast-break play (at the 43 second mark of the video) where Mo Williams might have failed to recognize LeBron’s presence in transition.

While, in my opinion, it’s questionable whether Williams should have found LeBron in that specific instance, there was another missed fast-break opportunity for LeBron and the Cavaliers which raises some questions.

What have LeBron’s teammates been told about his injury and how to treat him on the court? Have they been asked not to throw alley oops only attainable by LeBron so he can go attacking the rim with reckless abandon on the house, the defense and his elbow?

Let’s watch …

Note: At the first pause in the .GIF, LeBron seems to have all the step he needs on Tony Allen. However, also note that he doesn’t seem to be calling for the lob — maybe he’s nominating himself as a decoy, maybe he wants Mo to take Rasheed Wallace, and maybe something is off.

At the second pause … sure, Rasheed is hanging back. But c’mon, he’s not falling that far off Williams … and it’s LeBron f-ing James. Who’s really doing to stop a lob to him?

But alas, Williams pulls up for a shot just as LeBron is slowing down his train … like it was some preordained and coordinated act between the two. It just makes you wonder … not only is LeBron treating the game different, but his teammates seem to be treating him differently as well. LeBron is where the energy wasn’t.

It’s a head-scratcher, huh LeBron?

What say you Mike Brown?

Oh, still chomping.

Note: As a Wizards fan who blogs about the team at Truth About It.net, I’m fairly confident that the Cavaliers will win both games six and seven. Here’s to hoping they prove me wrong.

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