Rajon Rondo Puts On The Brakes, Mike Brown Chomps

Remember when Rajon Rondo arrived at a Celtics-Bulls playoff game last year in a Red Bull NASCAR stock car and people were all like, “How dare YOU sir!?!?” … and then Jack Ryan gave President Bennett a piece of his mind and then testified before Congress … end credits, Clear and Present Danger … slow clap … a single authentic tear … score another one for America over those Commie bastards.

Okay, so maybe it didn’t happen that way, but Rondo did take some heat for his extravagant arrival. People called it a distraction, or something like that … but then they laugh at Dwyane Wade’s suits. What’s fair in that?

In any case, maybe, just maybe that experience taught young Rajon the fine art of putting on the brakes. Either that or he guzzled a lot of Dream Shakes as a kid. Let’s watch him slam on the brakes and dupe Anthony Parker and Anderson Varejao of the Cleveland Cavaliers …

Yea, yea … I hear ya Cleveland fans. You’re probably saying that Rondo dragged his right foot and thus traveled. Sorry dudes. Maybe you should give the move a cute animal name like the Crab Dribble.

Mike Brown, tell us how you feel about losing home-court advantage to the Celtics.

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