NBA Playoffs Celtics-Heat Game 3: Seriously? You Didn’t See This Coming?

“Well, they have so many late game situations, I mean c’mon. If you go through their edit, there’s no pattern. They have so many proven 25-point game scorers on their roster that they just go with usually who the hot… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs Nuggets-Jazz Game 3 Recap: Fashion Shows, Cat Fights and Just Doing You Lose Out To A Full Ensemble Cast

One of the drawbacks of making blogging your living is that you do a lot of writing at the end of most nights. For some people that’s not a bad thing at all. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs Suns Blazers Game 2: You Can’t Tell A Heart The Suns Play Defense. Unless That Heart Belongs to Rudy Fernandez.

I know the script says that Phoenix doesn’t play defense and they can’t get a stop. And I know that the Blazers are without their number one option on offense, their number three option on offense, and their young long… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs Thunder-Lakers Game 3: Here’s How Russell Westbrook Killed A Man

Something I’ve been impressed with all year with the Lakers is their transition defense. They’re not just always up the floor and ready to pick up their man, but they have such good positioning. Teams try and force the issue… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs Blazers-Suns Game 3: Damned If You Do, Damned If You’re Without All Your Players

Much is said about the precision that the Suns run with that makes it so hard to stop them. You’ve got the amazing Steve Nash passes. Amar’e and (lately) Jason Richardson’s athleticism. The three point acumen. But what sometimes gets… Continue Reading