The bad boy NBA player is to develop and produce the “They Call Me Crazy” show with E1 Entertainment and Tijuana Entertainment.

The series will document the ups and downs of Artest’s life, allowing him to “make amends for past transgressions,” according to E1 Entertainment, and help develop aspiring musicians through his hip-hop label, Tru Warier, to be supported by E1 Music.

Hollywood Reporter

What are the criteria for getting your own reality series again? Be rich and at times foolish with money? Check. Off-center personaltiy? Check. Controversial? Check. Not be self conscious about details of your life being made public? Check.

Once you look at he list, you wonder why it took so long for Ron Artest to get his own reality television series.


Could there be a better name for a Ron Artest show than “They Call Me Crazy?” I submit that there cannot.

There’s no indication of when the show will start, or what channel it will air on, but as soon as it goes on-air it will instantly be the best show on television. I mean, between his random Internet videos, his escapades with his recording artists, that time

Trey @ BDL

I loathe reality television. LOATHE. It is one of the larger sacrifices I make to Paroxi-Wife in exchange for being able to watch so much NBA that there’s an indentation in my couch from my ass. Thankfully she doesn’t subject me to American Idol or You’ve Got Talent or Let’s Have Fun With Stereotypes, but suffice it to say, I know way more about Tori and Dean than I ever wanted to. That said? I will watch this. I will watch it like I am trying to choke the life out of it. I will watch it like I am watching mushrooms to make sure mushrooms are not snake eggs.


The only way this could be better is if they called it “They Call Me Crazy Pills.” That would be far more accurate.

Do you realize there will now be a television show about a man that ran into the stands during a game and hit the wrong dude? Who made his own Michael Jackson tribute? Who shaves things into his head and dies his hair blonde and then shaves it the next day when they lose?

He’s just like you and me.

I’m so happy.

Matt Moore

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