Game of the Day: March 23

Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons — 7:30 PM eastern

Well, I don’t take much pleasure in selecting this matchup between two Eastern Conference cellar dwellers as the game of the day. But on a date with only four contests on the docket, this is the only one that’s going to be even close. In the other three, the Bobcats play the Wizards, the Nuggets play the Knicks, and the Clippers play the Mavericks.

So why even tune in? Well, for one, Danny Granger’s always fun to watch. Other than that, maybe some of you Detroit fans can cling to some memory of the 2004 season or ponder how Joe Dumars foolishly overpaid for second-tier players in Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva this past offseason.

The Pacers have won all three of their bouts against the Pistons this year, including a 106-102 this past Friday. Nevertheless, with the return of Rodney Stuckey, I expect Detroit to emerge victorious. Maybe Rip and Tayshaun Prince will be motivated to avoid the embarrassment of a season sweep at the hands of the likes of Indiana.

Seriously, though, if you’ve got something else to watch tomorrow, pursue it. Give that new FX show Justified a try. The pilot wasn’t bad.

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