NBA Trade Deadline: The Amare-Philly Trade Rumors Aim For A Three-Way

Possibilities with Philadelphia could be stronger with two fronts, a deal between bringing in swingman Andre Iguodala for Stoudemire with perhaps young power forward Marreese Speights or a three-way deal involving Detroit with Pistons guard Ben Gordon winding up in Philadelphia and the Suns getting Iguodala and Detroit power forward Chris Wilcox. The rub with Iguodala, a 26-year-old former Arizona star, is inheriting a contract that will pay him $56.5 million over the next four seasons.

via Amar’e Stoudemire trade scenarios still plausible for Suns.

Woah, woah, woah. Speights is on the table (allegedly)? This (allegedly) makes this a whole other (alleged) deal.

Speights in Phoenix? Ye Gods. It ain’t Amar’e, but it’s got a world of potential. Speights-Lopez is a pretty fearsome frontcourt and gives them something to build around with Iguodala-Speights until Nash’s time comes to a close.

The Detroit side is interesting. I certainly enjoy the idea of Dumars ditching Gordon, but you still have Hamilton and Tayshaun, so you’re not really going anywhere. Nabbing Speights would be a coup, especially if they can drag a pick out of it. A true rebuilding effort and a mulligan on the ill-advised spending spree? Of course, if they land Amar’e, that’s a different type of coup.

I’ve always thought Amar’e and Detroit would make a good fit. Big city, small market. Traditional power franchise, used to egos. Veteran approach with some younger guys. He’d get to play in the East, guaranteeing an All-Star birth for the next five years. It would give Dumars a credible star to build around (instead of the guys he signed this summer), and would take a ton of pressure off Stuckey. It would also be nice for all of us who said three years ago that Joe Dumars was arguably the best GM in the league to not look completely insane now.

Matt Moore

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