NBA Free Agency 2010: The Truth Is Out There. And It’s Being Branded By About Ten People.

What CAA can provide its clients this summer is a synergy that perhaps other agencies can’t. Rose works with James, and Thomas helps guide Wade and Bosh, but they also will exchange information with each other about prospective suitors, as well as their own clients’ wishes.

“Being together, we can share that information and discuss all the various scenarios that are available,” Rose said. “It’s just going to be a benefit to all of our players. Ultimately, it’s going to be their decision. There won’t be any information that is left out or won’t be a part of the process.”

Said Thomas: “The most important thing to any negotiation process is having good information. Because we are together, our information will be as good as anyone out there representing free agents.”

Rival agents naturally see another side to the story: By spending so much time with James, Wade and Bosh, CAA will have a harder time handling the needs of its other free agents. “It just brings us back to the information flow,” Thomas said. “The access to information we have not only with ‘The Big Three,’ but all of our clients that we have in play this summer.”

via CAA stands at head of 2010 free-agent class – NBA – Yahoo! Sports.

Insane must-read by Spears at Yahoo!. At this point we’re looking at the only reason to doubt at least one combination of the big free agents is that is hasn’t happened before. Because we’ve got CAA managing multiple players, whatever Worldwide Wes’ involvement is, Jay-Z at the fringes, and the closeness of the players themselves.

It’s a fine line of abject conjecture and pointing out the inordinate number of connections that exist here. There are just as many connections to Cleveland, to Miami, so many ways we could be looking at a very similar league in six months.

Yes, the power of CAA exhibited in this article is not one that illustrates a master plan, it’s one built simply on this: all of the elements involved in this summer are open to greater possibilities. Nothing is off the table, and furthermore, everything will warrant a serious examination. This isn’t talk of passing fancy regarding a team-up of two or more of the major players, it’s serious discussion about the pros and cons of such a decision, what it would mean from a basketball, business, and personal level. There’s a lot of moving pieces, but most of those pieces fit in one manner or another.

This whole thing is just weird.

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