NBA Trade Deadline: Hey, Hey, Ho-Ho, Antawn Jamison’s Got To Go

2. Jamison’s contract is abysmal for a rebuilding team

In a world where the Wizards are a solid playoff team poised to take the next step toward contention, Jamison’s four year, 50+ million dollar contract is at least somewhat defensible. Good teams have a core and try to augment it, and Jamison’s certainly capable enough to be a part of some good team’s core (though perhaps not at his salary). However, in a world where you’re not making the playoffs, the goal should be to keep long-term contracts to a minimum, develop your young players and keep stockpiling. Having a 33-year old Antawn Jamison around for that is counterproductive to long-term goals. Leading by example only goes so far. At a certain point, young players have to play and learn by playing. Jamison’s presence is currently preventing Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee from getting that court time. (Now, whether they deserve it or not … oh let’s not deal with this tug of war again).

via Six reasons Antawn Jamison absolutely needs to be traded before the deadline – Bullets Forever.

Here’s the deal with Bullets Forever. They’re as fin a barometer for decisions as a team is going to have. They’re partial towards the hometown crew, and passionate. But they don’t hold on to ideas out of some misguided sense of nostalgia, don’t overvalue their players, and are willing to say what must be said.

Prada lays out the case in stunning detail, and buries the Wizards-Cavs rivalry that was never much of a rivalry anyway. It was one, and it had potential, but it died on the vine.  And that should have no impact on where Jamison goes. The Cavs can offer Hickson, potentially Danny Green, and a pick to go along with Z. The deal’s there. Jamison hasn’t openly said “I don’t want to be traded”, he’s just saying all the things you want your players to say. And since you’ve managed to surround him with so many guys who wouldn’t say things like that, maybe it’s best to let him go. You can’t rebuild around a 31 year old.

Pull the freaking trigger…er…so to speak.

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