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People ask what Coach Brown is like when he’s not talking basketball and he’s a great dude, but the thing is, he’s talking basketball 24/7.

There are not too many conversations that you’ll have with him that aren’t about basketball. He’s a very concerned person, but he’s 100 percent into basketball.

His impact has been huge. One thing about coach is he’s going to bring it and be the same every single day. He will never stop coaching. I don’t know if I’ve ever been around anyone who loves basketball as much as he does and has the passion for it that he does.

It never stops and he’ll breakdown everything in footage. He’ll breakdown a mistake that a rookie made at the end of the game as if it was the first play of the game that a starter would make. That’s one thing I appreciate about him is that he coaches every single player the same.

If you make a mistake, he will correct you. He doesn’t care if you’re in your 12th year or your first. That attitude trickles down to our team and gives us our character.

Coach Brown has shown me the dedication every day that it takes to be great. It’s about understanding the passion and knowledge that you have to have to be great. The way he talks about the game is totally different from anybody I’ve ever heard talk about it.

The way he breaks things down, the way he looks at mechanics, the way he understands why guys are great scorers or great rebounders. Everything he does is from studying and that’s something I have learned from him.

You have to have a team that’s receptive to his coaching and his coaching style. Guys have to be willing to learn every day because he’s not going to stop teaching. If you’re the type of person that at some point wants that voice to go away, it’s not.

Every player I’ve talked to that has ever played for him says: “You’re going to understand how great he is when you don’t have him.”

It can be tough for guys being coached non-stop because a lot of players have never had that in their career. But when you’re on a different team and away from him, you look back and realize that he was just an incredible coach. Every guy I’ve talked to has said I’ll learn more than I’ve ever learned just playing for him and it’s true.

From Tyson Chandler’s Blog.

Gilbert Arenas and Rod Benson are the Basketblog All-Stars, but I feel like Tyson Chandler’s blog is humanizing in a way that Gil and Boom Tho’s never were.

Gil offered us a glimpse into his life, but it was so absurd and cartoonish that it was almost impossible to believe. It didn’t bring Arenas closer to us, but put his life in a glass box for all of us to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at, to laugh along with his jokes, to be impressed with his candor. An awesome experience, make no mistake, but can we really say we know Gilbert Arenas the man that much more because of the internet exposure he offered us?

Benson, on the other hand, is a writer. He’s not a basketball player clumsily plugging away at a keyboard, but a natural writer trapped in a 6’10” frame with hops and STILL impressive scoring and rebounding numbers (I hope my check’s in the mail, Boom). I’m not saying that his tales weren’t incredibly enjoyable or tremendously authentic, but there was still a disconnect there. They were episodes of a sitcom, or scenes from a movie; something almost too scripted and too structured to even be recognizable as the whirlwind that is real life.

But Tyson Chandler? His blog really should be ordinary. It should be an athlete talking about practice (practice?), family life, and living the dream. And in so many words, that’s exactly what it is. But he’s not bland, and he’s not outspoken. He’s not boring, and he’s not over-the-top. He’s just Tyson Chandler, a completely personable and likable NBA player, a multimillionaire hiding a person underneath. In this case, not only does Chandler come off as a completely humble, hard-working chap, but he actually manages to do the impossible for me: transform the caricature of Larry Brown I have stashed away in my head into something much more lifelike and much more endearing.

Ya see, LB represents much of what I hate about the league. Or, at least I thought he did. He comes across as a completely uncompromising, more than a bit self-righteous, and an avid hater of any and every player HP has ever stood for. Inexperienced rookie? Lock ’em up and throw away the key. Freak athlete with an atypical skill set? A public flogging! Deserving, but completely limited and lackluster journeyman with no offensive game to speak of? Get this man 15 shots a game!

I don’t think that reading a Chandler blog post has totally changed my perspective on the guy, but it’s definitely added another dimension to Brown. He may still be the crotchety old coach telling the kids to get off his lawn, but he’ll tell you to get off his lawn before three seconds is up, and set up in the post in the yard next door ready to receive the entry pass.

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