NBA All-Star Game: Why It’s Good Josh Smith Wasn’t Selected

Oh, no, not because he didn’t deserve it. Heavens, no. You see, I, unlike the coaches, apparently, have some notion of common sense. So I’m aware that he should be starting at All-Star Weekend. But the denial of Smith could… Continue Reading

Hey, Ricky, You’re So Fine, You’re So Fine I’ll Probably Body You Up With A Big Guard And Watch You Drown, Hey Ricky, Hey Ricky!

Overall, I remain high on Rubio as a prospect overall, though I do find it uniquely challenging to try to project Ricky’s NBA future because of these competing factors: Pro: I believe Rubio truly has the court vision of an… Continue Reading

NBA Trade Deadline: Sources Confirm The Bulls May Have Been Lobotomized

A source confirmed the Bulls have had discussions with the Lakers about Hinrich, most likely for Adam Morrison and Sasha Vujacic, but nothing is imminent. Salmons’ contract is relatively low risk. He’s owed $6.7 million next season and has an… Continue Reading