Once He’s In It’s Over

While digesting all of these numbers, another question popped into my head. Sure, Rondo’s improved numbers were nice inside 15 feet, but how did they stack up overall against other point guards in the league? The answer was a little less surprising this time. Below are Rondo’s rankings amongst PG’s at the various ranges as well as the league averages for point guard’s at that distance.


Rondo: 4th (66.3%)


Rondo: 7th (57.6%)


Rondo: 5th (55.2%)

Once again, impressive numbers for Rondo in all of those ranges. In fact, Rondo finished ahead of great scorers such as Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Mo Williams in ALL of these categories. Expect that? Neither did I.

via Rajon Rondo: Elite Finisher? » Boston Celtics Basketball – Celtics news, rumors and analysis – CelticsHub.com.

That’s pretty sick. For a 24 year old? That’s really pretty sick.

One of two things will happen when the Big 3 break up. Rondo will flourish like never before, taking on more responsibility as an established veteran of young players, and become some sort of perfect nexus between the slashing point guards, the vision-tested creationists, and his own special defensive-hybrid-beast model.  Or he’ll struggle when not surrounded by a knockout starring cast, frustrate fans with his play, become a headache to deal with, and end up starting over somewhere else. And everyone feels differently from one person to the next.

The other option is that this summer he becomes the Tony Parker of the Spurs, steals the spotlight from KG/Pierce/Allen and wins the championship largely on account of his own play. Hey, when Parker did it he didn’t have a jumper then either.

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