The Nuclear Reaction

I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised by this report. Not because I think Devin Harris is necessarily untouchable, but because I really didn’t think the Nets would be willing to move one of their “core” guys and abandon their 2010 summer plans.

Total speculation here, but here are my two theories why the Nets would move Devin Harris now:

1. The Nets braintrust believe that his struggles are not linked to injury and that he’s simply not a cornerstone player and that last season (where Devin was really only dominant through the first half) was a fluke.

2. The Nets are really, really panicked that they won’t be able to land a free agent this summer because of the current trade market, and their current record. Remember, Bosh, Joe Johnson, and LeBron all indicated that a team’s record matters. I also think money talks, but we’ll see.

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Don’t do it, Nets. Don’t think about it. Don’t move on it, don’t breate on it, don’t even think about considering a move to evaluate whether you should investigate it.

You’re standing on the precipice of landing John Wall, the best point guard prospect since Chris Paul. At that point, you can trade the pick for a golden goose, or trade your golden goose, Harris, for more picks or in a sign and trade with you-know-who.

Trading him now is a panic move. What’s the worst case scenario? You don’t land Wall, draft a fantastic big and trade Yi, draft Evan Turner and trade CDR, or trade the pick in the above mentioned sign and trade. You-know-who won’t come? Who cares? There are approximately a dozen stars available on the market for a sign and trade this summer. Keep it! Do not give the card away too early!

The financial unsteadiness, even in a rebounding economy, is causing outright panic and confusing. Those that should remain pat are twitching for their triggers, and those that should have the phone melded to their ear should go into deprivation chambers.

Man, its going to be a weird six months.

Matt Moore

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