Team 31 Might Be Better Than 30 And 29

Seriously, I decided this yesterday after looking at the SBNation NBA Power Rankings.

I think the best of the NBA D-League might be able to compete with what Mike Prada calls the “Dregs of the League.”

You’re probably asking, “But Scott, is it really a positive to think that a team made up of D-League players could compete with the worst of the worst of the NBA?”

I’d answer, “Actually, loyal reader, kind of, considering that most dismiss the D-League altogether. If a team made up completely of current D-League players could legitimately compete with even one NBA team, doesn’t that show that there is, in fact, talent in the D-League?”

via Hypothetically, the D-League is, roughly, the 28th best team in the NBA. – Ridiculous Upside.

Click through for Scott on something I helped him with yesterday that apparently he feels no need to hat tip me on, the selfish jerk.

I actually hate the Timberwolves matchup because they have Jefferson who is better than every player on the D-League team. However, I think that with the right coach (Mackinnon, maybe?), the D-League could be the first team to succesfully run a full court press against an NBA team. Trapping Flynn constantly and forcing Corey Brewer to make smart passes? That may just work.

The Nets they could probably out-offense (Scott’s team is loaded with shooters) at least for a game, maybe get the split if they played thrice. They might be able to run with Houston, actually, if the Rox are having a bad shooting night. And they could beat Detroit, at least once. Possibly double-digits.

The difference would be that almost every playoff team would outscore them by 30, and even the Warriors and Knicks would abuse them.

But still, a single win would go a long way in proving the legitimacy of the D-League.

Matt Moore

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