Regarding Evans-LeBron-Jordan: A Follow-Up

Also, Moore didn’t include each rookie’s team record but possibly should have.

the 84-85 Bulls finished 38-44

the 03-04 Cavaliers 33-49

the 09-10 Kings are currently 15-21.

via CelticsBlog – An unofficial Boston Celtics blog.

So there you go.

I need to stress that holding onto the 5 rebounds and 5 assists is going to be very difficult for Evans, not to mention the 20 points, with Martin coming back.  I also need to stress that eventually there will be a player who averages these numbers as a rookie and then becomes nothing but a footnote. It’s inevitable, to find someone who reaches up for the lightning and finds themselves burnt to dust.

The point I’m merely trying to make is that right now, at this moment, Evans is on that mountain with a metal rod. And he’s not Jordan nor is he LeBron. But that doesn’t mean waiting for him to catch lightning is any less fun.

Matt Moore

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