Apparently Jeff Foster May Be The Price Of Freedom. Who Knew?

Denver’s desire to acquire an extra big man to throw at the defending champs from L.A. is no secret.

What I didn’t realize until the weekend is the need to start describing the Nuggets’ affection for Pacer lifer Jeff Foster in stronger terms.

Love is the word used by two sources close to the situation.

The obstacles to a Foster-to-Denver deal, though, are considerable.

Obstacle No. 1: Foster has one more season left on his contract after this season at nearly $6.7 million and has a 15-percent trade kicker in his contract. As much as the Nuggets would be thrilled to have Foster – giving them one more mobile counter to all of the Lakers’ feared size – that’s a lot to take on for a team that’s already looking at a luxury-tax payment in July of more than $5 million.

Obstacle No. 2: My man Chad Ford noted in his latest chat that the Nuggets would almost certainly need to find a third team to facilitate a deal for Foster unless they were willing to surrender rookie guard Ty Lawson. And you obviously presume Denver won’t be surrendering the speedy Lawson, who Chad says Indy nearly chose ahead Tyler Hansbrough and looks like an absolute steal as last June’s No. 18 pick.

via More trade chatter (if that’s OK) – TrueHoop Blog – ESPN.

Really? Jeff Foster? I mean, a good player, but for real? That’s the missing piece? But then, I guess you never know. If Eddie House is a vital component on a championship team, Jeff Foster can be one, too.

I’m violently opposed to chaining talented guards to the bench, especially behind established veterans, so I like the idea of Lawson getting loose. Particularly since Indiana could desperately use a young point. They’re unlikely to land Wall in the draft, and T.J. Ford is, um, well, enthusiastic about his own abilities without quite having the abilities to justify that confidence. It would be terrific to see him get his own show in Indiana.

Stein also talks about the McGrady-Knicks potential. You can’t believe Eddy Curry is worth the investment. David Lee might be but you’d have to take on he or Harrington to get the money deal going. I do believe Morey’s not going to buy him out. That team’s put up with enough crap from him, they can put up with it for another six months.

How bizarre would it be if McGrady ended up in Detroit for Tayshaun? McGrady ends his career where Grant Hill started his, after cosmically crossing paths in Orlando?

I’m not going to talk about Tyrus Thomas. I’m just not going to go spelunking in that cave.

Matt Moore

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