Antawn Jamison Could End Up Going From A Team With One Crazy Gun Weilding “Prankster” To A Team With A Crazy, Gun Wielding “Maniac”

Antawn Jamison(notes) on the Cavs? Antawn Jamison, shipped from the Wizards to the Cavaliers? Why wouldn’t that work? What are the percentages? Why can’t we make that happen?

It would work. It would truly fit. Both sides have a need, so why shouldn’t this thing go down?

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And Dwyer goes ahead and lays out how it could happen.

There’s talk of the logistics of how, and the meaning if it were to happen, but I can’t stress something both Windhorst and Dwyer have pointed out.

This would be a game-changer. This is Cleveland’s chance for their Pau trade.

The similarities are startling. A dominant franchise (though the Lakers were historically dominant, not just in the past decade), facing the imminent departure of their franchise player (Kobe’s trade request (which had cooled but without Pau’s acquisition, who knows?) versus LeBron’s free agency), trades with a downtrodden team facing complete upheaval (though obviously the passing of their owner and superstar’s suspension due to firearms in the locker room vastly outweighs Jerry West’s departure and a complete meltdown in terms of talent) for a strongly lauded near-All-Star power forward who just wants to win, and which ultimately not only saves the franchise but leads them to the promised land, forever altering both the franchise’s financial windfall and the superstar’s legacy.

This is the trade Danny Ferry has tried but failed to pull of for four seasons. This should be the big one. This is his opportunity to realize that the trade for Ben Wallace, Wally, etc. set them up for this opportunity.

And for the Wizards, they should note Memphis’ situation. Flush with cap room, a quality starting center, and two near stars in O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay, along with still tons of draft picks and room to improve.

Teams that truly commit to rebuilding don’t remain mired in mediocrity for long. It’s those that linger, trying to both compete and look to the future that wind up with wasted seasons (Sacramento 07, the Pacers for the last five years, New York for a decade).

What Jamison would provide LeBron is like a nuclear version of Varejao, who he already manages to drag into being a pretty good ball player. A moderate big who can spread the floor is only going to do good things for LeBron. It takes pressure off of Mo Williams the same way Gasol’s arrival took pressure off of Odom, and allows Varejao to be Derek Fisher: only good for about three plays per game, but key plays.

Yes, it means hanging Z out to dry, which I almost never support. But this season in my opinion is more important than just a shot at a championship (!) and validation of all the work they’ve put in. Coming into a free agency decision off of another disappointing playoff loss is going to have consequences on LeBron’s behavior and decision making. Conversely, a championship almost makes it a no brainer. Reaching the summit with this team, his team, his state, would provide such euphoria to eliminate his need to look elsewhere. He’d simply want to recapture that moment again and again. So as much as Z has meant to the franchise and as much as he deserves better, it’s of vital importance that the Cavs seize this opportunity, if it exists.

They don’t call them once-in-a-lifetime for nothing.

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