Long, Fast Strides and Long, Hard Minutes

You’re either in or your out.There doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground with D’Antoni. The Knicks coach has stated that he doesn’t like to put veterans in for spot minutes, prefering to keep them on the bench instead of bringing them in cold. He has repeated this frequently, especially when asked about bringing in a non-rotation player for offensive or defensive purposes in a single critical possession (Darko Milicic, Jerome James, etc.). Chances are if a player is seeing minutes, they’ll continue to get court time. And the converse is true as well.

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Shouldn’t 7SOL feature a deeper lineup?

The whole crux is to run, the whole game, as fast as possible. It requires so much motion over space, not just vertical (so to speak), but horizontally. To the wing, to the corner, down the lane, to the baseline, everywhere.  Wouldn’t you want fresh legs?

Yet, as Knickerblogger points out, that’s not the case. Even when a player works hard, if he’s in the doghouse, he’s in the doghouse, and if D’Antoni doesn’t want to immediately use him, it’s not going to change.You wonder what the next evolution will bring, if it will use a deeper rotation and give rookies opportunities.

As much as I like D’Antoni, the line between Nelson and him is thin.

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