15 Footer 01.07.10 – Where did all of the basketball go?

There’s only one game tonight.

That’s right – just one game.

And it’s a doozy too.

Bobcats at Knicks at 7:30 if the sun rises on your side of the United States.

Otherwise, feel free to watch the College Football Bowl Game that randomly and nonsensically grants a national championship despite the fact that playoffs are really the only things that grant championships.

It’s even in the definition:

playoff |ˈplāˌôf|
an additional game or period of play that decides the outcome of a tied contest : a sudden-death playoff was required to settle the tournament.
• ( playoffs) a series of contests played to determine the winner of a championship, as between the leading teams in different divisions or leagues : Chandler was credited with taking his team to the playoffs.

Anyway, the Bobs-Knicks game is on NBATV.

And if you’re not interested in that then Hook ‘Em Roll Tide or whatever it is…

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