Sam Presti Talks D-League

Q: How important is it to have Tulsa and OKC so close and have such a close working relationship between the two?

Presti: It’s a tremendous advantage for us. The ability to assign a player to Tulsa and watch him continue to develop is critical. The coaching staff that’s present in Tulsa was with us during the summer and Tulsa is running a system that is identical to the one we’re running in Oklahoma City. It’s great to have the opporutnity to not only have up-and-coming players in Tulsa, but up-and-coming coaches as well.

We feel like we’re much further ahead in terms of synergy than we were last year, and we’ve put more energy and focus into building that synergy. We’re committed to continuing to build that synergy. The players and coaches in Tulsa are part of the Thunder family.

via 66ers Nation.

Presti gets it. He learned it from Buford and Pop, but he gets it. In the interview, he talks about Mullens and how there were specific goals for Mullens while in Tulsa and the players that are there. Building the synergy is so important. That’s what teams don’t get, I think. If you use it right, you can use the league as your own farm system. You just have to know how to use it and invest both the money and time into making it matter.

Tulsa’s starting to win, too, as Tibbett’s coaching sinks in. I know everyone hates the team because of the move, but honestly, the entire Thunder organization has played it smart from draft day to D-League to marketing and fanbase development. This is no fly-by-night organization.

Matt Moore

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