Now That Bayless Is Free, I Can Move On To “Free Farmar!”

Does this mean Farmar has turned a corner with the offense and the Lakers? We’re a ways from me totally buying in to that, Farmar himself has talked about the Lakers triangle offense is “not in his wheelhouse.” He still over-dribbles at times and breaks out of the offensive sets more than I’d like. He was one of the guys who was not spectacular against the Pistons, going 1-6 from the floor, but he was a +4 on the night. But Brown seemed to struggle with his whole game, 1-9 from the floor and just looking out of synch, especially in the fourth quarter, and he finished -13. One game is a small sample size, but that seems to be a trend.

The fact is, Derek Fisher remains the Lakers starter because nobody has stepped up and taken the job away from the old man. Farmar has not, but Brown is farther behind (and getting more time at the two now because he flows better in that role). It’s also something to consider for those people looking to ship Farmar out at the trading deadline as part of a package deal – nobody on this team is showing they can replace him right now.

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It’s mind-boggling how much sense FB&G makes on a daily basis. I’m constantly throwing up in my mouth every time a Lakers fan tells me that Shannon Brown is awesome. Shannon Brown is not awesome. He’s a nice dunker. That’s it. Farmar has shown the capacity for so much more.

There are so many role players who have excelled inside the triangle, so many mediocre players whose shortcomings were glossed over by the shining light of simple, sharp movements in an offense that is really beautiful… as long as you have two to three of the top 25 players in the league running it. But aside from our thoughts on the triangle specifically, shouldn’t it make sense that for every three players who excel in its glossy hands, that there be one who’s simply not well-suited for it? Jordan loves being a Laker, playing in his backyard, playing for championships, the whole thing. But his basketball soul was meant to be elsewhere. I doubt he’ll go anywhere simply because the Lakers can manage his value with minutes and retain him for a discount package and avoid making their pathetic bench any worse. Don’t get me wrong, who needs a bench when you’ve got that front six, but Farmar is the best of the also-rans. He’s king of the misfit toys and will likely stay there.

It’s a shame because he could be so much more, really. He could be a leader, a breakout guy. There’s no reason he can’t be the sort of player who turns heads and ups his value. But the Laker culture is rooted deep within him, even if the Triangle Cult doesn’t really have its claws in his heart. Would you rather be a move on Wall Street or the Royal Court’s favorite servant? But keep this in mind, if he does manage to break free of his eggshell and make a break for free land, I’m going to subscribe to his newsletter, so to speak. If it sounds like I’m mixing metaphors that make no sense, now you know how Farmar feels when Phil tries to “teach” him.

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