Who Watches The Watchable?


11. Milwaukee Bucks

10. Sacramento Kings

These teams feature the two best rookies in the league (Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans), but there’s more to them than those guys. Some underrated pleasures: Andrew Bogut’s incredible basketball IQ, Milwaukee’s aggressive defense, Jodie Meeks having no conscious on his shots, Jason Thompson’s aggression, Omri Casspi’s smooth game and Paul Westphal’s ability to just let his young guys play. There’s a certain harmony to both of these teams that I just love. If only they had more talent.

(Wait, more talent? Doesn’t one of these teams have a guy who scored 55 points as a rookie? What am I talking about?)

via NBA ‘Watchability’ Scale: Ranking Every Team Based On Entertainment, Not Talent – SB Nation.

Not much comment here. I could come up with my own list, but it would just be a list of every team sorted by market size, in descending order. Anyway, Prada does a fine job over here, even if he does let his Wizardship get in the way of the Cavs and severely underrates the Hawks.

Matt Moore

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