The True Sign Of Greatness

Space Jam, 1996 dir. Joe Pytka By thisjulia : Movies In Frames.

Being in a movie with the Looney Tunes. Is there any player big enough to star in his own movie with iconic cartoon characters? Is there a modern cartoon big enough to be in a live action-cartoon feature? Is it like, LeBron in the Simpsons Movie II? How about Kevin Durant in a Dora the Explorer?

I’d say that Kobe’s the natural next-in-line, but he would end up stabbing Bugs and keeping his ears as a trophy, then eating Daffy. And when all the crew were sitting there crying, he’d just look up, and say “What? You want some? I mean, you can’t have any, because it’s mine, but I can kill the pig for you.”

Matt Moore

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