You CAN Get Deron Williams In Cornflower Blue. True Story.

I’m a Business Analyst at a financial services company, and one thing you learn pretty quickly when you dwell in a cube and analyze things is that there are a thousand different theories on how people should try to communicate what they just analyzed – and every business goes through phases where they experiment with a whole slew of them. A while back, we had a manager who loved Venn Diagrams, so I was required to learn how to make them. I never used them, but boy, could I make them. I realized the other day, however, that I could actually use them for this blog. They are colorful, simple, and allow me to crunch numbers and come up with new stats en route to evaluating point guards in the NBA. I mean, what could be more fun than that?

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Tons of interesting stuff from Schwan at Hornets 247. I’m just going to go ahead and say that Wall will be in the Pure Scoring/Defensive Plays section next year. This also makes me seriously reconsider Lou Williams. Not in terms of him being brilliant or anything, but about what he’s bringing which is reasonable amounts of good things. Meanwhile, it’s stunning to see where Calderon ends on some of these. As we continue to redefine how we view point guards, these are the types of inforgraphics that can help us to understand things better.

Matt Moore

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