Green From The Limit: Boston’s Shooting Less From The Corner

The team is on pace to attempt almost exactly the same number of overall three-pointers (about 1,550) as it launched in 2008, but, at its current rate, only 340 of those will be corner threes—about one fewer corner three per game than in ‘08.

This is a big reason why the team’s overall three-point shooting percentage has dropped from 40 percent to 35.5 percent—from the top of the league to league average.

The C’s hit 45 percent of their corner threes last season, the best mark in the league among teams that jacked at least 400 Corner Shorties, according to this analysis at Nets Are Scorching.

So what’s going on?

Two things primarily explain the declining number of corner three attempts:

1) Ray Allen is taking about two fewer three-pointers per game this season as compared with last season;

2) Rasheed Wallace shoots a lot of threes, and very few of them come from the corners.

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CelticsHub comes with a great analysis on where and how the C’s are shooting from the corner. It talks about how Allen is shooting more three pointers from the corner, continuing his ascent to “craftiest player in the league.” Seriously, is there anyone better at using non-physical skills to create accurate shots? I started remarking last off-season about how he has to run off seven screens to get loose, and he does, but he runs through those screens so sharp that there’s no way to get to him if the pass is on target. And now we find that as he gets older, he’s moved his game to the easiest range to take even more of an advantage on the shots he takes. His decreased attempts is also interesting, though, and part of me wonders if it’s not somehow tied to Rondo’s emergence. Rondo’s best moves I’ve seen are in transition, or off a screen, whipping the ball around to a big or back out to Garnett for an open 18 footer. He’s also partial to the short drive-and kick, pulling Pierce’s man off and then popping back out to Pierce who has a quick three-shot motion. I’d love to see how many of those corner threes are assisted from Rondo. I might be completely off here, though, since Rondo is fifth in Assists leading to threes per game and seventh per 40 for players with at least 25 minutes.

The other issue is Rasheed, which you will not be getting much analysis on. It’s Sheed. He shoots a lot of threes, hasn’t been making very many before the Bucks game, and doesn’t shoot corner threes because he’s a power forward. If you wanted more corner threes, you shouldn’t have signed him, but it’s working out for the Celtics anyway. The end.

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