Tim Duncan Has Bones On His Shoes

We recently came across pictures taken of a TS Commander LT PE belonging to another famous big man under contract with adidas- Tim Duncan. This particular Commander sports the skeletal touches that the adidas crew helped design in commemoration of Halloween. Certain adidas NBA ballers like Tim Duncan have taken a particular liking to this theme, and, thus, have been wearing them with more regularity. This Halloween PE comes with a white skeletal foot design that runs throughout the entire upper and can also be seen on the

bottom of the sole through the transluscent “ice” bottoms. Detailing specific to the greatest power forward ever to play in the NBA comes by way of his jersey number and signature on the heel.

via adidas TS Commander LT Skeletal PE Tim Duncan | Sneaker Files.

Via Trey in a Sharebro way.

Tim Duncan has bones on his shoes. It feels like some sort of tongue-in-cheek maneuver, but it might just be something he thinks looks cool. But is there anything that could be more perfect? The lifeless, droning goliath with bones on his feet? The Big Fundamental wearing Army of Darkness gear? It’s somehow better than wearing Star Wars or D&D on his shoes. It’s strangely bizarre and yet completely fitting.

Matt Moore

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