Jerryd Bayless Has Had It Up To Here, Even If Here Isn’t Very High

Multiple sources in the NBA have told me that Jerryd Bayless seems to be the most available player on Portland’s roster. A couple of sources indicated over the weekend that Bayless has asked the team to trade him, because of his lack of playing time. I wouldn’t blame him — young players want, and need, to play. And if he wants out, the team should try to accommodate him.

Bayless has begun to see more action lately, but you have to wonder — is that being done to help teams get a better look at him? A showcase? I mean, how can you ask a lot for Bayless when he’s not even playing significant minutes for you? If I’m sitting in another NBA office and the Trail Blazers are asking me if I want Bayless, I’m going to have to answer, “Why would I want somebody you don’t think is good enough to play for you guys?”

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In the first 18 games of the season, Jerryd Bayless played double digit minutes four times. In the last four games, he’s hit double digit minutes three times, including 20 minutes in the “win” against the Rockets.

So either McMillan (& Co., since Nate’s sidelined with sugery, which sucks)  is trying to get him time to placate him, which isn’t a sound strategy considering the desperate need to get their back court situation settled, or he’s playing him to raise his trade value. The situation Jaynes outlines is one I’ve been worried about for a while. They decided not to move Bayless when they didn’t want/need him, instead they buried him. So now they need to move him, but they’ve driven all value out of him.

The problem is the Blazers obviously need frontcourt depth, but no one’s got it. Everyone’s loaded up top and thin down low. One thing is for sure, though. Playing Bayless and benching Miller isn’t going to help the chemistry situation any.

Matt Moore

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