Time To Start Acclimating Yourself To “Great Wall” Puns

  • Did you catch John Wall over the weekend? Two plays in particular in the first half seemed to represent just how sicknasty this guy can be. One resulted in a crossover step-through for a full-speed dunk; the other resulted in a ridiculous reverse layup on the break that only he knows how he got to roll in. Mike DeCourcy called it the collegiate version of the famous Dr. J dunk, while Jeff Goodman believes that the only reason the second half was close was because Wall cramped up for a while. Fair points, both. We’d still like to know the real reason(s) why Roy Williams never offered Wall a scholly, though.

via Rush The Court » Blog Archive » Morning Five: 12.07.09 Edition.

Click through for vid-links to Wall abusing his peers. It’s looking more and more like Wall is going to be one of those “It doesn’t matter” picks, as in “It doesn’t matter who you have at point guard, unless you’re the Hornets or Jazz (with the Knicks’ pick), you draft this kid if you’re the #1 overall.”

Which means we could see movement for Harris, Baron Davis, Kevin Martin (if they decide to move Reke to the 2), Conley, Flynn, Jrue Holiday, or T.J. Ford.

Matt Moore

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