Kenny Smith’s Not Saying Donaghy’s Full Of It, He’s Just Not On Base About Anything

Kenny: I’ll tell you this. The referees are pretty much the only ones who can consistently do that. That’s number one. But it’s hard to believe a guy – I’m from a neighborhood where it’s hard to believe guys who get caught up in illegal activity, and get caught. Because a lot of guys, they say snitch to get less time or get time reduced. So you always have to take what a guy who’s in jail is saying with a grain of salt. Because a lot of people compromise their values to get there, and they’re definitely going to compromise them to get out.

But again, there’s only one person that can – the only people that can – say, like a game like today. Take a guy who’s not playing well … let’s say, if [Kevin] Garnett’s not playing well, Rasheed [Wallace] could come in and hit five threes. The competitive nature of other players sometimes dictates what the game does. So, you can foul a guy out, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to make the team win or lose. Because the guys are sitting on that bench going, ‘I can’t wait for my turn’. So the only way you could control it would be through the referees.

But I can’t believe a guy who would compromise himself to get in that position and compromise himself to get out. And now you don’t have any source of income, so the only way to do it is what?

via Sports Media Watch: Kenny Smith on Tim Donaghy.

It’s nice because Smith doesn’t duck the question and just say that Donaghy’s full of crap. He admits that refs would be the only ones capable of having that kind of an influence, but then points out how much else would work against them (namely, you take out a star player and someone steps up, then what?).

Every time Smith talks, I think how great of a representative he’s become for the game. He may be the best basketball “pundit” or media personality today.

You know, besides Stephen A.,still, of course.

Matt Moore

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