We May Be Cheaters, But At Least We’re Fair

Alabama will play Texas for the BCS national championship on Jan. 7 at the Rose Bowl. This we know. We know this because Bama left elephant hoof prints on Florida in Saturday’s SEC title game. And later Saturday night, Texas beat, if you can call it that, Nebraska in the Big 12 championship. How, I have no idea.

What we don’t know is whether the BCS national championship is the same as a national championship.

via Texas Longhorns will play for the BCS national championship, but should they? – ESPN.

Say what you want about the NBA. That it’s fixed, that there’s a big market edge. Say the games are boring and no one tries and they only care about the money. Say that things are too predictable and there’s no chance for the underdog.

But at the end of our season, NBA fans, no one can say that they didn’t get a fair chance at the title. Even in years when the insane happens (hello, 07 Mavericks), the teams that end up in the Finals deserve to be there, and the seven game series eliminates the ability to escape unconvincingly. You get there, you earned it.

And as the husband of a Husker fan, let me say thank you, oh so much, Coaches Poll, for furthering the murderous rampage formerly known as Paroxi-Wife.

Matt Moore

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