Throw The Talented Young Dynamos A Bone, Won’t You?

You see, Joe is very smart. That’s why his thought goes here. (Joe): I think it’s the offense. Seriously. Our defense is very very good, top 6 or 7 actually. You can’t be unhappy about that. The offense shoots considerably more midrange jumpers than the NBA average while simultaneously shooting much less at the rim or from three than the NBA average. We take much more of the least efficient shots in the game and much less of the most efficient shots. It’s really that simple. Our offense is largely predicated on drive and dish, and the shot that results is usually a midrange. We need more better shooters to up our efficiency (Thabo stands out) or to tweak our offense.

We use screens all the time, but when is the last time you actually saw our screener roll to the basket and get a shot close in? Our bigs always pull up and shoot (Green and Krstic). We need to go to the rim and the PNR is one very established way of doing it. We have the athleticism.

If we upped our offensive efficiency by a percent or two we would be in the playoffs. We may still be, but it would be virtually assured all things being equal and our defense holding the line.

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All of this is true. I kind of want to put Brooks and Triano in the Hadron Interim Collider and see if we can put a complete coach together. Because Brooks has his guys playing their brains out and destroying people with athleticism but they can’t run an offensive set to save their souls. Seriously, they should put tape down on the floor for them. And Triano’s sets result in high efficiency shots and great ball movement and flow but his defense is so bad Don Nelson is licking his chops at a chance to play them.

Most disturbing is little they seem with getting Durant quality shots in key situations. They either run a play using screens and curls that results in a shot for someone else, or they give the ball to Durant and let him go ISO, inevitably leading to a double that nets them nothing. Seriously. He’s good enough to get the shot off, kids, but if you give him some help, he’ll score EVEN MORE! Magic!

Also, Jeff Green is my favorite Thunder Dude and if he learns to roll to the basket I’m going to name my child after him.

Matt Moore

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