Lion Face/Lemon Face 12.4.09

Oh, well hey there Surprise Kitty! How are you? Are you enjoying your new gig here at Lion Face/Lemon Face?

Really? That’s great! Just one thing, though….

Allright, welcome back gents. Do as you will…

Lion Face:  Durantula

As I told you earlier, I have some sort of disease where no matter how much of a Thunder game I watch, I never see Durant score. Well, that happened again tonight. He had 33 on 21 shots, and the Thunder downed the pre-Iverson Sixers. Well, the current ones. They didn’t go back in time or anything. I don’t think. Anyway, he rules, but he’s really sneaky in how he does it. I swear I watched.

Lemon Face: Toronto Raptors’ Pathetic Attempt at Defense.

Do you realize that a team set a record for most losses to open the season, Toronto? Do you have any idea of the ineptitude of the New Jersey Nets? Do you have any idea how bad you have to suck to take away the first lemon face from that? Oh, I guess you do since you gave up 146 points to a team coached by Mike Woodson who drafted athleto-forwards nine years in a row. Honestly. I tried to calculate the offensive efficiency you allowed in this game, but it turns out I need the Hadron Collider just to create that number. 152 efficiency, Toronto. So for every 100 possessions, you gave up over 150 points. So if they went down the floor, on average, you gave them a point. You were hooked on this formula. Hooked on the point. You might even say they treated you like HOOKERS ON THE POINT. And don’t be thinking it wasn’t on Bosh. Because it was. Welcome to the new trainwreck, Toronto. It’s you.

Lion Face:  Mike Conley

No, I’m not kidding. 20 points on 12 shots, and two huge transition buckets in the fourth quarter for the much-maligned kiddo, to go along with a paltry three assists, but ZERO turnovers last night in a win over the TimberLOLves. Even if it’s temporary, good to see the guy come back from a shoulder injury and perform ilke that with all the questions people have for him.

Lemon Face: New Jersey Nets

Because they suck. Sorry, Nets fans. I’m sympathetic. But I can’t avoid giving you the sourpuss out of pity. Just wouldn’t be right. Plus you let the Mavericks shoot 17-19 from the field in a quarter last night. That’s not injuries. That’s just bad. And as much as I like CDR, he just needs too many shots to get too few buckets. So sad, this team.

Lion Face: Russell Westbrook

15 assists is a franchise high, if you don’t consider the Sonics’ stats with theirs, which I don’t think anyone wants to do. And for him to be setting up guys like that makes his terrible shooting performance (1-11) okay. The fact that he’s learning to take what comes to him and adapt his game is huge. That may be the most important thing for the modern day point guard. Not just to be able to do things well, but be willing to change your game to get a win.

Lemon Face: Ben Gordon

The little possession hijacker took 16 shots to get 18 points and watched the anemic former team of his control his Pistons from start to finish. Good season for Ben, but hell, most Bulls fans were rooting for him to make them pay.

Lion Face: Game Replays on League Pass

Not taking up space on my DVR is an awesome, awesome thing, and when something amazing happens, I can set the replay to record so I can rewatch it, and target the good games. I’ve said this before, but I’ll keep saying it so they keep it that way.

Lemon Face: No replays of NBATV Games.

I don’t need 8 hours of Gametime replays, here, people. Reshow the damn Thunder game.

Matt Moore

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