The Answer Has Come Home

It’s official now, Allen Iverson informed the 76ers on Wednesday morning that he will accept their one-year, non-guaranteed offer. The contract is for a pro-rated veteran’s minimum of $1.3 million. And you know what, the reunion of the two sides that served each other so well for a decade is more than just a great story; it makes basketball sense and provides fringe benefits for both sides

The Philadelphia 76ers have desperately needed back-court help all season and Lou Williams’ injury was the nail in that coffin. Former franchise icon, Allen Iverson, desperately needed a home. It’s a match made in heaven or maybe hell, we’ll see.

via Philadunkia » PRAYERS ANSWERED.

Philadunkia with a terrific piece on Iverson who came to terms with the Sixers today.

There are maybe, maybe three teams that could have signed Iverson where I would think it was a good idea. New York, Charlotte, and Philadelphia. This feels right, whereas Memphis felt so, so wrong. He returns to the city that gave him his career. A city as hard-edged as he is. A team that desperately needs scoring, which is the biggest (only?) thing he can provide at this point. Iguodala-Brand-Young-Speights-eh. IVERSON-BRAND-IGUODALA-YOUNG-SPEIGHTS-ROAR!

There’s no downside here. The rest of the team is full of pretty good defenders. There’s no weird cultural split. He’s not coming into a tighknit group like like in Detroit or a team trying to find itself like in Memphis. That was the mistake. Iverson doesn’t need to find himself. He knows who he is, who he’s always been, and that’s who he’ll always be. People thinking he might become a team player? A role component? Get it out of your heads.  It won’t happen. He’s going to look to score, to dribble, to dominate the ball. And that’s fine. Because it takes pressure off the rest of the team, and the rest of that team is pretty talented.

We’ll have to see if he and Eddie Jordan can co-exist, but given Jordan’s work with Arenas, Iverson can’t be that hard… can it?

Matt Moore

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