Surprise! Kendrick Perkins Is Eating Your Face!

Kendrick Perkins is leading the league in FG Percentage at 64.3% per game. Let that register for a little bit for a guy who use to be one of the most hesitant shooters on the team, if not the league.

The guy has surely come a long way but Perk’s continued progression on the offensive end has been a pleasure to watch, as he firmly establishes himself as one of the premiere big men, not only in the Eastern Conference, but the entire league.

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I was all prepared to rip this to shreds with advanced staty-stats. Then I actually looked at them. And you know what? Perk’s been downright awesome. He’s averaging 17.4 points per 40. THINK ABOUT THAT. ON A TEAM WITH KG, PIERCE, AND ALLEN (AND RONDO) HE’S AVERAGING 17.4 PER 40.

I don’t care about the per-game numbers and minute inflation, that’s insane. So you know how you get there? You up your usage. That’s usually a bad thing. For instance, guess who’s the biggest usage guy on the Celtics?


Yet Sheed’s PER is 13.06 while Perkins is 17.76. So Perk’s sixth in usage, and fourth in PER. He’s tops in TRR. He’s tops in TS% (natch). So he’s taking a more active role in the offense, and being more productive. Even with fewer minutes, those numbers are terrific for a what, fifth, sixth option?  In short, the man is a Goddamn beast, there’s no other way to say it.

When Celtics blogs started talking about Perkins for All-Star game I chuckled at their brazen homerism. Now? Good God, you’re talking about arguably the most productive overall member of the best team in the league. Maybe it’s not so crazy after all.

Matt Moore

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