You Don’t Blame The Kid For Shooting His Eye Out When You Hand Him The Bottle Rocket

Brown threw out a slew of zingers in his post-game press conference, but here’s a particularly telling one that didn’t make my game story:

“You could have taken five people from the stands and run (Boston’s) stuff,” and still have beaten the Bobcats Tuesday.

My. That’s one ticked-off coach.

via Inside the NBA: Effort is non-negotiable.

And the Bobcats had been winning and everything. After getting ran out of the building swept under the rug given the basketball equivalent of a curb-stomp, Larry Brown lit up his squad for their effort. But the thing is, this team has been killing itself for the past seven games. With no real offensive weapon, with the team LB put together, they’ve still forced their way into competing and actually were winning games. So if you want to blame effort, that’s fine, but eventually, the gasoline’s going to run out. They’re professionals, but they’re not good professionals. They can’t win any games because of their talent. A lot of teams will get by for a handful of games because talent will just let them drift to a win.

There’s no drifting here. The Bobcats are out at sea, and they only way they’re getting back to shore is if they row like hell. And tonight they ran into a squall. And then were eaten by sharks. And then digested and fell to the ocean floor where they returned to the Earth. But don’t blame this team for losing a firefight when you sent them in with muskets.

Matt Moore

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